Bezalu was founded in 1998 by Matthew Malkowski to help local companies take advantage of new opportunities the internet was beginning to offer. From using eBay, to custom eCommerce stores, we provided affordable solutions to stimulate growth in their markets with successful results.

During the past decade, we have expanded the services we offer to meet our clients’ needs while keeping the focus on cost effectiveness. Our policy is simply this: if it’s not worth it for the customer, it’s not worth it for us. We will never suggest products or services that would not benefit the client in either cost savings, increased productivity, or revenue.

So why choose Bezalu? Because our customer’s satisfaction comes before anything else. Our belief is you shouldn’t be in this business if you truly don’t want to help people. Whether you need a feature rich eCommerce solution, or a memory upgrade installed in your old laptop, we make sure it’s done right the first time, for less than our competitors.